Look And Feel Good: Tips To Help You Land The Job!

Part of landing the ultimate job is how you present yourself – both physically and emotionally. But given this current economic time, who can afford spa visits, or over-priced skin care products?

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Look And Feel Good: Tips To Help You Land The Job!

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With NEW EGF, Powerful Peptides & Antioxidants for mature, sun damaged, hormonal skin NO Parabens, Fragrance or Retinol
Millions of women over age 40 are challenged with accelerated loss of elasticity, sagging and thinning skin caused by hormonal changes. Skin loses elasticity over 12% a year, and by our early 50′s we suddenly don’t recognize ourselves in the mirror. Skin becomes dull, thin, and loose particularly on jowls, jaw line, around eyes, and on neck. This powerful topical combination of scientifically proven EGF (epidermal growth thickener), added potent antioxidants and revolutionary peptides offers skin improvement in just 4-8 weeks and best of all – it’s at the lowest price on the market here at my web site. No one can beat this price. For MATURE normal, dry, oily, or menopausal skin. (Highest % EGF in a topical cream) 

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Reg Price Uplift Serum contains natural ingredients including skin firming DMAE, Matrixyl® peptides to help stimulate collagen and Hyaluronic acid production in skin, Argireline peptides to help reduce and soften expression lines, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) to help hydrate skin, and effective antioxidants such as green tea and Vitamin C to protect skin from free radicals.

LED Light Therapy Units for Rejuvenation & Pain Management
I guarantee THE LOWEST prices for this FDA-Approved LED Light Therapy unit. Just click onto the 2-panel photo on the right of this page and you’ll receive the instant On-Line LED Order Form. Once your order is complete, you’ll receive my free EBOOK, “Look and Feel Your Best on a Budget”. My free Ebook offer is available with every LED  purchase  made from Dec. 6 to 31 at midnight. 


Baby Whisperer

Attention Moms with Babies: I am a big fan of supporting women in business. If you’re a busy woman or couple in need of a certified baby nanny, Sharon McDonough a Certified Newborn Care Specialist, can help with your baby needs and challenges such as: Sleep Training, Colic, Reflux, Scheduling, Formulas, Breast Feeding and more.

Sharon has been a nanny for over 15 years working with busy working couples and families in the entertainment industry. She is THE ultimate “baby whisperer” with top notch credentials dealing with babies of all ages, from preemies to multiples. Sharon is well known throughout Hollywood as  THE “sleep training expert” and  can help create a peaceful, well rested household environment for all. For more information and references give Sharon a call.

Sharon McDonough

Healthy Sugar Substitutes

Healthy Holiday Season Sugar Substitutes

 With holiday season around the corner, you’ll likely be baking some delicious desserts. However,  consuming  sugary treats can cause spikes in insulin levels which can  lead to health issues such as diabetes and weight gain.

Try the following Healthy  Holiday Season Sugar Subsitutes when baking holiday treats or in coffee, tea and on oatmeal:

1. Xylitol is a healthy natural sweetener that tastes and looks like real sugar, but does not raise blood sugar. It’s low-glycemic,  helps prevent cavities and is an excellent sugar substitute for those looking to watch their waistline or those challenged with, yeast infections or diabetes.  It’s 100% natural, gluten-free and non-GMO. I like the brand XyloSweet, available at  health food stores. One Tsp. = 9 calories

2. Agave Nectar is a natural healthy sugar substitute tastes a bit sweeter than honey, so you won’t  need to use as much. It contains anti-inflammatory properties so it is a good choice for those with lupus, arthritis,  fibromylagia or MS. And many anti-aging experts claim that sugar causes inflammation that causes the appearance of aged looking skin. Agave digests more slowly than sugar so it prevents spikes in insulin.  One Tsp. =6 calories

3. Truvia is a natural zero calorie sweetener that is made from stevia, an herb. Keep in mind that it’s  sweeter than sugar so you’ll need far less of this healthy sugar substitute. Use it in hot or cold beverages, on oatmeal, fruit bowls, and baking. One Tsp. = 0 calories

For more beauty & age-proofing tips as well as paraben-free skin care product at the lowest prices, visit www.HollywoodBeautySecrets.com  To book Louisa on radio or TV shows contact Lisa at 310-990-2704