My Best Acne Prevention & Blemish Prevention Tips

Here are some of my most popular tips for adult and teen acne prevention: Check with your physician before taking suggested products, supplements, or if you have any diet or health concerns.

Note: Products highlighted in green text can be found at the drug store. Products highlighted in blue can be found at the lowest discounted prices at 

1. Cleanse skin with budget-friendly soap-free cleanser such as, Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson & Johnson. It’s  hypoallergenic and only $6.50 at the drug store. Or try if you prefer a paraben-free, natural cleanser,  try non-foaming Glycolic Cleanser with Marine Plant extract.

2. After cleansing apply an alcohol-free toner that helps balance the pH of skin such as Papaya Enzyme & Soy Refreshing Skin Toner. Find it at select health food stores and at my shop on sale for just 9.95.

3. Very important!! Keep your face out of the sun as this causes breakouts and enlarged pores. Wear a visor and sun screen daily to help bounce harsh UV rays away from skin. Choose sunscreen that does not clog skin such as C-30 Moisturizer with 30 SPF Sunscreen –  loaded with skin rejuvenating and healing antioxidants that can prevent further blemishes (microbial Green Tea, Vitamin C and CoQ10).  A drug store sun screen suggestion is Neutrogena Chemical-Free Sun Screen for Sensitive Skin 30 SPF – though this one leaves a white film on the skin, you can apply it before exercising outdoors. C-30 Moisturizer retails for $46.00 elsewhere, and is only $29.95 at my site. Perfect  for everyday use and under make-up.

4. Below I’ve listed two evening options:

Evening Option #1:  Speed-heal blemishes, and help fade acne scars with O24U Hyper-oxygenated Gel. This potent gel helps kills acne bacteria. Simply spot dab it onto blemishes using a Q-tip. This product retails for $49.95 elsewhere. It’s only $32.95 at my shop.

Evening Option #2: Beyond Essential is a peptide an antioxidant-rich moisturizer for mature skin. It also contains copper peptides to help keep blemishes in check.

5. Avoid clogged or enlarged pores by removing make-up before bed and exfoliating skin three times a week with baking soda or use Microdermabrasion Scrub.  Or exfoliate skin with an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) creme to help hydrate, gently exfoliate and help prevent /clear blemish breakouts. AHA’s are derived from fruits, plants or dairy and are cost-effective. Check out AHA Beauty Fluids.

6. Twice a week apply my popular mask:  Mix 1 tbsp. plain white yogurt with  1/2 tsp. of FRESH lemon juice. Apply this mask for 30 minutes to one hour. It also evens the skin tone, prevents future breakouts, firms and tightens skin for a face lifting effect.

7. Here’s another home remedy that can help shrink large pimples, without drying out the rest of your face: Dip a Q-tip into some Witch Hazel, and dab onto pimple. Then dip other end of the Q-tip into some Philips Milk of Magnesia. The magnesia helps kill bacteria and  reduces the pimple.

8.Stick to a low-glycemic diet to help keep blood sugar levels from spiking, preventing excess oil production. Low-glycemic diets include The Zone, The Mediterarrean Diet, or Adkins. Omega 3 fatty acids found in flax seed oil or fish oil capsules can naturally help balance hormones, reducing breakouts. Take  omega-3′s with meals 3 X a day. You can find a high qulaity brand for just $19.95 on the Vitamins/Supplements page at my website. Made with sardines and NO Shellfish.  Check with your physician if you have any diet or health concerns.

9.Clean cell phones regularly with rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes.

10.Tie hair back when exercising or playing sports so soiled hands don’t contaminate hair that falls by the face. Be sure to NEVER touch hands to face unless hands are washed.

11.Using pressed powder to soak up oil can often trap debris and clog skin, causing more breakouts. Use a hair curler roller papers to dab oil from face instead of applying more face powder. Find them at a beauty supply shop for about $2.

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